Hounen Kihan Sword-Style Hatchet 165mm HT-3557

Sale price$158.00

This sword-style hatchet has been designed with hunters in mind. Featuring a very different design than the standard Japanese nata hatchet, these sword hatchets are versatile and efficient.

This one comes with a synthetic leather sheath, as well as a cord-wrapped handle for easy gripping, and to avoid any accidents. The blade is made out of extremely high quality yasugi steel (the same steel used to make chef knives and samurai swords), which is durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Carry this hatchet with you on hunting, camping or fishing trips to make light work of any obstacles, or to collect kindling and split firewood. 

If you're undertaking a larger clearing operation, a Japanese nata hatchet would be ideal, we carry a number of those in our range.

Technical Details