Hounen Kihan Pruning Shears A Type 200mm HT-2546

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Hounen Kihan's top-of-the-line pruning shears. Typically, pruning shears are forged out of one piece of steel, but "Type A" shears are forged using a brazing method, which uses two different kinds of steel, one for the handle and one for the blade. Hounen Kihan has achieved a much sharper and more durable cutting edge by using harder, higher-quality yasugi steel on the blade.

With their chef knives being appreciated around the world for years, Hounen Kihan is a world-renowned bladesmith. These are produced in limited quantities, forged by hand one at a time by expert craftsmen.

These shears feature an incredibly sharp and durable blade, a comfortable ergonomic handle, and a metal clip at the base to keep them closed.

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