Higonokami Zenkou Japanese Pocket Knife Handmade Folding Knife 215mm

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The Higonokami pocket knife is a handmade Japanese folding knife with a simple design, that is extremely durable and effective. Kanekoma knife factory invented the Higonokami pocket knife in the 1890s. Its popularity spread quickly, and during the early 1900s, over 40 companies and 200 blacksmiths were producing them. Today, Kanekoma is the sole trademark holder, and the only company left producing authentic Higonokami knives.

The Zenkou range of Higonokami knives feature a blade made out of a single piece of high-quality Japanese steel. It's a double-bevel reverse tanto blade, making it great for use in both the left and right hands, and ideal for piercing tough materials. It features a "Chikiri" or tail at the heel of the blade for quick and easy opening.

Kanekoma has been producing handmade Higonokami knives for over 100 years, across five generations in the same family. You can be confident in their quality and expertise. 

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