Higonokami Aogami Handmade Carbon Steel Japanese Pocket Knife 215mm

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The Higonokami knife is a special folding pocket knife from Japan. These unique, lightweight Japanese pocket knives were invented by Kanekoma knife factory in the 1890s. Their popularity spread quickly, and during the early 1900s, over 40 companies and 200 blacksmiths were producing them. Today, Kanekoma is the sole trademark holder, and the only company left producing the Higonokami Japanese pocket knife. If you want to be sure you’ve got a 100% authentic Higonokami knife, the only way is to buy a Kanekoma knife.

Higonokami knives feature double-bevel reverse tanto blades. The double bevel ensures that they’re easy to use in both your left and right hand, and the sharp, reverse tanto grind makes them ideal for piercing tough materials without breaking.

The Aogami Warikomi range of Higonokami are some of the highest-quality pocket knives available in Japan. Their blades are forged from laminated blue steel. This means that the core and cutting edge of the blade are super sharp, hard “blue paper” carbon steel – the highest quality Japanese steel available. The core has then been sandwiched between two layers of soft iron, allowing it to avoid corrosion and become more flexible, to prevent breaking.

The scabbard is made from very luxurious brass, and the whole knife is handmade by an expert blacksmith with decades of experience in Miki City, Japan.

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