Hayashi Cutlery Allex Powerful Cutter Multipurpose Shears 56001

Sale price$99.00

When there is a need to cut unwanted items into pieces in order to discard them easier, use the Allex Powerful Cutter.

This product allows you to cut anything fine including cardboards, wires, CDs, branches, carpets, and more. It is a must-have item for disposal of disused articles.

Their high-carbon stainless steel blades are not only sharp but also tough and resistant to corrosion. You can cut objects effortlessly with less force.


The following is the maximum cutting capacity for each object. Do not use this product beyond its capacity.

  • Stainless steel plate: up to 0.3mm
  • Leather: up to 5mm
  • CD/DVDs: up to 1 piece
  • Wire: up to 0.5mm
  • Electrical cords: up to 10mm
  • Corrugated Plastic Sheets: up to 2 sheets
  • Cardboard: up to 3 sheets
  • Rubber sheet: up to 3mm
  • Denim fabric: up to 8 sheets
  • Branch: up to φ10mm
  • Printer paper: up to 25 sheets
  • Carpet (including antislip): up to 15mm

Technical Details