Deen Pistol Grip Ratcheting Screwdriver Socket Driver Set With 7 Bits

Sale price$65.00

The Deen Pistol Grip Ratchet Screwdriver & Socket Driver Set is the ultimate space-saving solution for your toolbox. This all-in-one tool features 7 interchangeable bits and a ratcheting handle, giving you the flexibility to take on various tasks.

Simply rotate the silver collar at the end of the handle to choose from three settings. 1: fixed, like a conventional screwdriver, 2: ratcheting clockwise, 3: ratcheting anti-clockwise.

Depress the button on the handle, and rotate the grip, to change from a straight screwdriver handle to a pistol-grip handle. The pistol grip allows you to generate much more torque when rotating.

Press the "push" button on the side of the grip to reveal a hidden-away bit holder, which contains six bits for different purposes: driving screws, or holding and driving square and hex sockets.

This is an all-in-one screwdriver, spinner handle, ratcheting screwdriver, ratcheting socket wrench, and t-handle.

This handle can be used with the Deen 1/4" Lockable Shank 150mm for a physical (non-magnetic) lock, or the Deen 1/4" Square Male Socket Shank to hold sockets for undoing bolts and nuts.

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