Deen Mini Swivel-Head Ratchet Bit Holder Small Ratcheting Screwdriver

Sale price$48.00

Deen creating this swivel-head ratcheting bit holder to allow you to drive and unscrew screws in tight places, and to save a lot of space in your toolbox.

Put any screwdriver bit in the mouth of this ratchet, and you will have a ratcheting screwdriver in any size. You can do away with all of your many screwdrivers, as this ratcheting bit holder can do it all.

The swivel-head allows so much versatility while you work. Keep the handle vertical, like a typical straight screwdriver to spin screws quickly. Swivel it down horizontally to get the extra torque needed for the final tightening, or initial untightening.

One of the best features of this bit holder is its size. It's so compact that it will take up such little space in your toolbox, and can work almost anywhere. Its head is about 25% narrower than the head of a standard Snap-On swivel ratchet, making this tool far more versatile than its competitors.

Technical Details