Deen Long Nose Vise Grips Locking Pliers With Hex Adjuster 180mm

Sale price$38.00

These Deen Long Nose Vise Grips Locking Pliers are an ideal tool for working in tight or cramped spaces. Their elongated nose and narrow body ensure that they can work wherever you need them to, and their 180mm length and robust construction offer precision and durability with exceptional grip strength.

These pliers have serrated jaws, giving them fantastic grip and making it easy to crimp wires and terminals. They also feature cutting blades behind the jaws so you can simply cut and strip wire.

Vise grips, or locking pliers, provide comfortable grip and secure hold with their locking system. Simply adjust them to the correct width and squeeze tight, and they'll lock closed on the target object without requiring you to maintain your hold. Depress the lever in the handle to release their grip.

These vise grips from Deen have a unique feature that makes them even more versatile. The adjusting screw at the back of the handle that allows you to set the distance between the jaws is not only finger-adjustable, you can make it extra tight with a wrench or ratchet. The screw includes a convenient 10mm hex adapter so that you can tighten it further than your fingers would typically allow.

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