Deen Extra Long Double Box End Wrench Set 5 Pieces

Sale price$145.00

These extra long box wrenches from Deen are perfect for applying maximum leverage and direct torque on a stubborn nut or bolt.

Their extra long handles range from 290mm to 437mm, making them more than twice as long as standard box wrenches. This gives them an enormous amount of leverage so you can exert even more force on stuck nuts and bolts.

The length isn't the only thing working in your favor. The openings of these wrenches are not off-set, like a lot of box end wrenches are, meaning the torque is applied directly to the nut, and not impeded by the angle of an offset.

This set includes 5 wrenches which come in Japanese standard sizes: 10x12mm, 12x14mm, 14x17mm, 17x19mm, and 22x24mm. These standards make them perfect for working on Japanese vehicles.

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