Deen Combination Crimping Tool For Open Barrel & Insulated Terminals

Sale price$38.00

This combination crimping plier multi-tool is perfect for any application that requires crimping both open barrel & insulated terminals, due to its ability to crimp a wide range of terminal sizes and variations. 

While many crimping tools can only crimp either open barrel or insulated terminals, this tool can do both varieties in 1.5mm, 2.5mm, and 5.5mm sizes. But that's not all, it's jam-packed with other time-saving features.

This tool features four specific sections, each with a different use. The section closest to the handle is a wire-stripper, which allows you to quickly and precisely strip wire from 0.75mm to 5.5mm.

The next section, moving from the handle toward the tip, is for crimping insulated terminals in three different sizes. The third section, which features five holes of various diameters, is used to shorten screws, and to repair their threads, from M2.6 to M5. 

The final section, right at the jaws of the pliers, is color-coded red, blue, and yellow, and is meant for crimping open terminals.

Deen spent a lot of time focusing on the handles of these pliers, and have designed a comfortable and ergonomic tool that reduces hand pain and fatigue while you use it.

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