Deen Bit Holder Adapter 10mm Ratchet Wrench to 1/4" Screwdriver Bit

Sale price$5.95

Sometimes a ratcheting screwdriver is the perfect tool to solve the problem you're having in the workshop. Unfortunately, many of us don't have a ratcheting screwdriver.

If you don't have space in your toolbox for a full set of ratcheting screwdrivers, but think you'd benefit from having the tool at hand, this bit holder is perfect for you.

Simply insert it into any 10mm ratcheting wrench, and insert a 1/4" screwdriver bit into the bit holder, to turn your wrench into a screwdriver. If you have a full set of screwdriver bits in every size and shape, then you have a full set of ratcheting screwdrivers in every size and shape too.

You no longer need a full set of ratcheting screwdrivers to reap the benefits of owning such a set of tools. All you need is this bit holder adapter, a 10mm ratchet, and the set of screwdriver bits that came with your power drill.

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