Deen 3 Drawer Tool Box Heavy-Duty Japanese Steel Tool Chest

Sale price$249.00

This tool box, designed by Deen in Japan, was developed to improve upon the classic, by adding a variety of new features to the already well-established design of the 3-drawer steel tool box to make it more durable, and easier to use.

First of all, most tool boxes either have handles on the sides, or a single handle on the top - but this chest by Deen has handles on both the sides and the top, making it easier to move around especially when full - as the max load is 30kg, having an extra handle is a fantastic feature.

Deen has welded a reinforcing steel plate to the underside of the lid, ensuring that there will be no distortion, and the lid will close securely for years to come. Each drawer slides effortlessly on high-quality bearing rails, so that you can open and close them without force, and the sliding mechanism will continue working smoothly indefinitely.

Finally, they've made the bottom drawer deeper than in most tool boxes, to ensure that you'll be able to store everything you need, and won't have to carry multiple boxes to and from the work site.

Technical Details