Deen 13mm to 3/8" Wobble Socket Box Wrench and Ratchet Wrench Adapter

Sale price$12.00

Do you often have to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts in hard-to-reach places? Do you find yourself reaching at awkward angles to get your wrench on just right? Maybe you need a wobble socket adapter.

This useful adapter from Deen allows sockets to wobble on the end of your wrench. It extends your reach and allows you to access bolts and nuts from different angles. 

Simply insert the adapter into any 13mm box wrench or ratchet wrench and then attach your socket to the 3/8" drive wobbling connecter.

When partially attached to the adapter, any socket in your box will become a wobble socket. Fully attach the socket to the adapter for it to act as a standard, stable 3/8" connecter.

Technical Details