Deen 1/2" Telescopic Spinner Handle Swivel Head Nut Driver 410mm-640mm

Sale price$118.00

Spinner handles are one of the best tools to save an enormous amount of space in your workshop, and to work more efficiently.

A single spinner handle allows you to do away with your entire set of conventional nut drivers. Instead of having a different tool for each nut/bolt size, all you need is a single spinner handle and a set of 1/2" square sockets.

This spinner handle is even better than a typical spinner handle, for two clear reasons.

It is completely retractable. So instead of only being about the length of a screwdriver, it can be set to three different lengths: 410mm, 525mm, or 640mm when fully extended. This allows you to reach nuts and bolts that are far away without reaching too far, or that are too low without bending over.

Secondly, it has a swivel head. Turning it to a 45° offset allows you to generate a lot more power. A typical spinner handle is rotated like a screwdriver, but this spinner handle can be pushed or pulled like a wrench, with your full body weight behind it.

Technical Details