Chikamasa Pruning Shears (Japanese Hand Pruners) T-550S

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Chikamasa's T-550 pruning shears is the company's best-selling hand pruners in Japan. This Japanese pruning shears are tough, lightweight, and have great workability.

Compared to the T-550 model the T-550S blade is made of stainless steel. Chikamasa blades are processed with a special heat treatment to achieve superior sharpness and the ideal cutting edge angle.

The stylish-designed handles are made of steel plate and coated with a non slip material. A ring is attached on one of the handles, which is easily to attach or remove from the other side of the handle (patented feature).

Round blade back enables work without damaging flowers and fruits close to the cutting objects.

Friction-resistant pivot prevents looseness and rattling; smooth cutting and heavy-duty are guaranteed.

A spring on the handles is designed to offer flexible control without disconnection while working.

Do not use this product other than for gardening purpose. To prevent sharpness deterioration, do not use this product for cutting thick branches or tough objects.

Technical Details