Chikamasa Fruit Harvesting Scissors Narrow Carbon Steel Shears M-100

Sale price$14.99

Chikamasa is known across Japan for developing high-quality, sharp and affordable scissors and shears, and these fruit harvesting scissors are no exception.

These scissors are used in orchards all across Japan, particularly for harvesting mikan mandarin oranges and kaki persimmons, but they're suitable for harvesting and picking all sorts of fruits and vegetables.

Their short, high-grade carbon steel blades are super sharp and tough, and are able to cut through thick stems in extremely tight spaces. And their oversized ABS resin handles are ergonomic, comfortable, and ideal for one-handed use. 

The large handles and short blades come together to create fantastic usability, as they can be used at speed to harvest anything at a rapid pace. If you want to harvest faster, with less fatigue on your hands, these scissors are exactly what you need.

Technical Details