ARS Hand Pruners High Carbon Easy-Open Pruning Shears 200mm VS-8R

Sale price$56.00

This is a great pair of pruning shears from ARS Corporation with many cool features to make your work in the garden easier and more efficient.

These pruning shears can be used from the moment you pick them up with their one-hand, one-touch unlocking mechanism. Simply squeeze the grip to unlatch the lock and start pruning.

These shears' blades can open extra wide for their size, making them capable of cutting branches up to 15mm thick. ARS' unique rotating handle means that even when opened to maximum capacity, the strain on your hands is minimized, as the grip rotates with your fingertips.

Made from high-grade high-carbon cutlery steel with a super lightweight die-cast aluminum handle, not only can you rest assured that these pruners will last a long time, you can be confident that you'll be able to work long hours with them without getting exhausted.

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