Atom Kengo Impact Resistant Work Gloves 1138

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Atom Kengo are highly impact-resistant gloves designed to protect your hands in work environments where accidents can happen.  

These are lightweight and extremely breathable gloves, never sacrificing dexterity or mobility in the pursuit of protection.

The natural and synthetic rubber easy-grip coating on the palm of the glove protects you against dropping items as you work, and the thick synthetic rubber sections on the back of the glove protects the fragile bones of your fingers and hands against impact and pinching.

These gloves won an ergonomics award thanks to their design, and it's easy to see why. They're exceptionally comfortable to the point that you may not even remember you're wearing them. But when accidents happen, and your hands get struck or pinched at work, you'll certainly notice them.

Suitable for many industries, including transportation, logistics, civil engineering, machine assembly and more.

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