Atom Extra Durable Non-Slip Work Gloves 157

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These non-slip work gloves from Atom Gloves were created with comfort and durability in mind.

A thick layer of anti-slip natural rubber is applied to the palm, giving these gloves excellent grip. Unlike other anti-slip gloves, the rubber coating doesn’t negatively impact comfort, as it’s applied in a special pattern that creates ventilation gaps when tension is applied. This special pattern ensures that while you’re working, air is freely able to pass through the anti-slip coating, keeping your hands dry and comfortable all day long.

The knitted cotton/polyester gloves have high elasticity, meaning they will fit comfortably around the shape of your hand and reduce hand fatigue.

Atom puts a high priority on durability, so their gloves are built to last. These gloves, in particular, have extra rubber coating on the fingertips, which is an area usually subject to heavy wear.

These non slip gloves are essential for many industries, including transportation, logistics, civil engineering, and agriculture.

Size: M

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