Hounen Kihan Japanese Double-Edged Nata Hatchet 210mm HT-3514

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The nata hatchet is unique to Japan. Its design is somewhere between a traditional hatchet and a machete. They may look strange to us, but they're used regularly by Japanese forestry workers and farmers, and are extremely efficient at clearing trees, pruning, and splitting firewood.

The blade of this hatchet is made out of exceptional yasugi aogami steel. Yasugi high-carbon steel comes in three varieties: kigami, shirogami and aogami. Aogami is the highest quality of the three, as it is extremely rust-resistant and very sharp. It's easy to sharpen and maintain, and is frequently used in top-of-the-line chef knives.

Nata hatchets are easy to carry, and easy to pack away for camping or hiking trips, due to their sleek design. It even comes with a sheath to attach to your belt for easy access.

Whether you're undertaking a small forestry operation, clearing a patch of land on your property, or going on a camping trip - a Japanese nata hatchet is a great tool to have.

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