Silky Zubat Curved Japanese Pruning Saw 270mm 270-27

Sale price$43.00

The Silky Zubat is one of Silky’s most efficient pruning saws, with an emphasis on getting the job done safely and quickly.

Silky Zubat’s curved blade means you can prune trees and cut branches even when your footing is unstable, or when the target branch is above your shoulders. With a typical pruning saw, you’d be required to put weight and force into each stroke, making cutting above your head extremely difficult, but thanks to Silky Zubat’s special curved blade, it can cut into even thick branches with minimal physical force.

This saw comes with a lockable scabbard, so it won’t fall out. It can be unlocked with one hand as you pull it out, so you don’t lose efficiency when working.

The blade is easily replaceable, so you can always keep your saw sharp and ready to go.


Technical Details