Deen 1/4" Square Swivel Head Ratchet Compact Head 155mm

Sale price$72.00

This ratchet was made for loosening nuts and bolts in hard-to-reach places and at awkward angles.

Not only does its head swivel nearly 360 degrees around, so that your sockets can connect cleanly to nuts and bolts anywhere, it even includes a hexagonal bolster near the handle for when you need a little extra strength.

In addition, because the ratchet's head rotates freely, you can easily maneuver the ratchet handle over obstacles as you use it. Simply attach any 1/4" square socket onto the drive and get to work. 

This is the perfect tool for automotive use, as cars and bikes tend to have bolts in the most hard-to-reach places imaginable. Consider it your new garage favorite!

Technical Details