Fukutoku Heatproof Bakery Gloves & Arm Cover Set 270

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These is a set of flame and heat-resistant gloves from Fukutoku in Japan.

These gloves are made with Aramid Conex which is a functional fiber that doesn’t burn until it reaches 400 degrees, and doesn’t ignite, melt, or stick to the skin.

This glove set was produced in response to requests from bakers. It comes with two sets of gloves: the Fukutoku work gloves (short-sleeved) and the pile-type gloves (long-sleeved), and one set of arm covers.

You can wear all three pieces at once, by putting on the arm covers, then the pile-type gloves, and then wearing the work gloves over the top. This gives you added head protection in your hands.

They're easier to use than traditional oven mitts, as you can still use your fingers, so you can use kitchen tools and appliances without taking them off. They're lightweight, durable and washable.

These gloves have excellent cushion and strength, and are recommended not just for bakers, but for anyone working with heat, such as welders, chefs, and mechanics.

Technical Details