Toyama Hamono Hidehisa Secateurs TH200 Pruning Shears T-14

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Toyama Hamono Hidehisa Secateurs TH200 are hand-forged Japanese pruning shears that are designed for general garden use including pruning of small branches, flowers, and houseplants.

Processed through the manufacturer's specialty forging methods, it has an outstanding hardness and cutting capacity.

The blades are thinned up to its limit, resulting in less cutting resistance and more effortless cutting experience.

The handles are blackened by a special heat treatment without using coloring chemicals. As a result, they have little risks on your bare skin.

There may be some spots on the handles but this is a result of hand-forging and have no problems in quality. These shears are not suitable for cutting shrubs, artificial flowers, wires, and bamboos. Keep this product clean and dry after use.

Technical Details