Fujiya Kurokin Cable Pliers VA/VVF/IV Cable Cutting Tool 6050-200BG

Sale price$52.00

These cable pliers by Fujiya Kurokin can slice through even thick cables and wires with ease, without pinching or crimping, leaving behind a clean cut.

Whereas typical pliers feature two blades pressing together, or a blade pressing into a flat surface, these cable pliers have been specially designed by Fujiya for cutting heavy-duty cables, and feature two blades that bypass each other (like bypass pruning shears), to avoid pinching and crimping the cable, and focus on slicing through it with ease. These pliers can cut VA, VFF and IV cables as well as piano wire and up to 0.8mm thick.

Even though the blades bypass each other, the tips of the pliers meet together like normal, another feature of the unique design of these pliers. This allows them to grip screws and bolts just like regular pliers would, without being impacted by the bypassing blades.

The ergonomic, soft, non-stick grip adds a touch of luxury, making this an incredibly comfortable tool to use.

Technical Details