Silky Nata Hatchet Double Edge 180mm 555-18

Sale price$64.00

Silky Nata is a Japanese hatchet designed to make your forestry operations efficient. This double-edged cutting tool is recommended for those who regularly engage in pruning, thinning, and forestry volunteering.

Great sharpness: Silky believes that Japanese sword is the best cutting tool in the world, so they pursue the samurai blade for better cutting capacity.

The whole blade is made of a special alloy steel with a hardening treatment. As a result, the blade is dullness-free and impactproof.

Its handle is made of rubber that can decrease a hewing impact on your gripping hand by more than 60%. Also, rubber helps reducing slippage resulting in safer operation.

This product contains a compact cover that is convenient to carry around.

We offer two different size for the Silky Nata, for longer size, check out the 210mm version.

The blade is interchangeable: check out the spare blade too.

Technical Details