Negishi Copper Long Necked Watering Can No. 4

Sale price$499.00

Negishi Industry has mastery of watering can manufacturing. This is a copper long-necked watering can made by them.

This product is exclusively designed for bonsai. It is designed to handle the can conveniently even when the water is fully filled.

The copper's antimicrobial nature prevents water from decaying. Further, a copper ion dissolved into the water aids growth of bonsai tree and moss.

A supply inlet has an attached mesh strainer which is helpful in preventing leaves and debris from getting into the jug.

Its lengthened neck allows low-pressure watering without damaging the bonsai soil, and enables watering to distant plants. This product has two interchangeable watering heads (straight type / oblique type).

Negishi's long-necked watering cans are highly regarded among both Japanese and overseas bonsai horticulturists. This product is a must have tool for bonsai fans.

Technical Details