Okatsune Garden Shears Japanese Bonsai Scissors 210mm

Sale price$45.00

It would be awful if you accidentally cut off branches and/or stems you wished to keep. Likewise, it is inconvenient if the blades are unable to trim properly in twiggy areas. Try these Japanese garden scissors to experience a stress-free operation.

Their short and long-nosed blades are designed to allow you to cut targeted twigs and the like without also cutting other branches. Their excellent sharpness also enables precise and fatigue-free trimming.

Processed with the manufacturer’s state-of-the-art heat treatment, you can also expect its cutting capacity to last for a long time.


This product is ideal for maintaining garden trees, garden flowers, and bonsai. It is also a good option for flower arrangement.

Remove wetness and resin after every use to prevent rust and a deterioration in its sharpness.

You can freely adjust the extent of the screw fastening.

Apply oil to the screw (pivot) and joint areas on a regular basis.

If you wish to cut thick branches, cut them with the base, rather than the tip of the blade.

Technical Details